Tools Used for this Guide

GUI Programs

These directly inferface with the SDR.

GNU Radio


SDR Sharp

Inspectrum - Offline radio signal analyser

iqgui - A qt-based GUI program that offers a graphical interface to visually inspect the data processed by the iqtools library.

Github Projects

iqtools - Collection of code for working with offline complex valued time series data (inphase and quadrature or IQ Data) with numpy written in Python.

Project COGSWORTH - Creating images of RFI with a Raspberry Pi controled motorized dish receiver.

REDSAT - Raspberry Pi satellite SDR base station for weather & telemetry. Supports NOAA-15, NOAA-18, NOAA-19, METEOR-M 2, and MOVE-II

Example code of Richard Lyons’ “Quadrature Signals: Complex but not complicated” paper

rtl_power_fftw - a program that obtains a power spectrum from RTL devices using the FFTW library to do FFT. It is inspired by the program rtl_power in librtlsdr. However, the said program has several deficiencies that limit its usage in demanding environments, such as radio astronomy. An inspection of rtl_power in hope of modifying it and obtaining better performance resulted in the conclusion that it would be an unfeasible task.

GNU Radio Applications / Libraries

gr-satnogs - gr-satnogs is an out-of-tree GNU Radio module that provides all the necessary tools for decoding signals from various scientific and academic sattelites.

gr-pocsag -

multimode RX -

simple_fm_rvc -

gr-ais (fork) -

gr-air-modes -

gr-smartnet (WIP) - Notes from authors:

gr-scan -

gr-wmbus -