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Angle of arrival experiment in 145MHz

On April 28, I got together with a few Spanish radio Amateurs to perform some experiments. One of the things we did was an angle of arrival experiment in the 145MHz Amateur band.

Detecting the Sprites from KickSat-2

The Sprites chipsats are tiny satellites built on a 3.5×3.5cm PCB with the bare minimum electronics to do something useful: a CC430 microcontroller with integrated FSK transceiver, an IMU, and solar cells.

A newbie’s guide to Software Defined Radios on Kali Linux | Part 2: Listening to airplanes and…

A beginner-friendly tutorial on how to use a Software Defined Radio to listen to airplanes and pagers. Continue reading on poka-techblog »

Software Defined Radio (SDR)

SDR is radio communication system that can be modified by software to operate at any frequency range via programmable hardware. SDR system… Continue reading on Medium »

A newbie’s guide to Software Defined Radios on Kali Linux | Part 1: Fun with FM radios

At the last Hackfest in November 2018, I got lucky enough to get my hands on a Software Defined Radio at the Soldering Village. Being a…

Receiving Russian’s Satellite Weather Image, From Space!

Receiving and decoding Meteor-M2 Satellite weather image using an RTL-SDR dongle and GNU Radio software Continue reading on Medium »