GNU Radio - Listen to FM Radio

Prerequisite - Have GNU Radio installed and setup with libraries for your SDR. Working GNU Radio project is available here: A software defined radio captures IQ samples for our computer to process.


Detecting the Sprites from KickSat-2

The Sprites chipsats are tiny satellites built on a 3.5×3.5cm PCB with the bare minimum electronics to do something useful: a CC430 microcontroller with integrated FSK transceiver, an IMU, and solar cells.

Software Defined Radio (SDR)

SDR is radio communication system that can be modified by software to operate at any frequency range via programmable hardware. SDR system… Continue reading on Medium ยป

Sending data from GNU Radio into Linrad using the network

During the last few days I’ve been experimenting with feeding signals from GNU Radio into Linrad using Linrad’s network protocol. Linrad has several network protocols designed to share data between different instances of Linrad, but generally these protocols are only supported by Linrad itself.